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Natural/Engineered Stone Splashback

Choosing natural or engineered stone splashback requires minimal grouting and is a low maintenance alternative to materials such as tiles and glass. With the benefits of colour continuity, toughness and an easy-to-clean, grout-free finish makes stone splashback an elegant and practical option.

Stone splashback also streamlines the installation process as the benchtop and splashback are fabricated and installed by our stonemason, meaning fewer trades to deal with and quicker completion.

Benefits of Stone Splashback:

• Low maintenance and easy to clean                      • Seamless, grout-free surfaces

• Continuity of benchtop colour                               • Quicker installation and completion

At the AK Stone Art, we know how elegant and stylish a Calacatta marble splashback can look. We understand that there are good reasons for this. The thing with Calacatta marble is that it has a graceful appearance that draws people attention to it and mesmerizes them. It helps that the veins of these stone pieces differ with respect to the type of Calacatta that you are buying. We have these products on an exclusive basis, and they can be used in a wide array of projects.

We can offer you various types of Splash back products in a wide range of finishes such as the following:

  • honed
  • polished
  • brushed
  • sandblasted
  • bush hammered

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